Financing – Payment Plan*

* The Klarna payment plan option is available for customers in the USA only.  We are working on supporting other countries.

Investing in an AI Sex Doll Robot or Advanced Smart Sex Doll is not only a sound financial decision but beneficial to mental and sexual well being. We want to make Smart Doll World doll ownership a possibility for people of all budgets, so we’ve created a payment plan program for customers from the USA (more countries supported soon) using Klarna’sSlice it” payment system allowing you to pay for your purchase over time.

Benefits of The Payment Plan:

  • Get your customized Companion Doll now, and pay over time.
  • Approval is fast and requires very little personal information.
  • You lock in the current price of the doll. This is helpful to capitalize on limited time sales and promotions.

Payment Plan Details:

  • We use a secure third-party service called Klarna to facilitate payment plans.
  • We begin building your order as soon as it is placed, your customized Companion Doll will be shipped like any other order to your USA location.
  • 24 hour cancellation policy after order is placed.
  • Klarna credit accounts are subject to credit approval, and terms. Accounts are issued by WebBank, member FDIC.

Check Out:

When you complete your billing information and the United States is selected as the billing country the Klarna Payment option will appear.

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