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As science makes giant leaps and things become redundant quicker than a few decades ago, we need a reality check. Time travel and traveling at the speed of light are still distant dreams, but there have been numerous other interesting developments. Everyone knows that we have software and hardware now that responds in real-time to questions and requests through a voice command. You can take this to the edge of futurism and know that specialized manufacturers create sex robot companions. These aren’t like in some recent movies and TV shows – indistinguishable from a real human being, but they’re very close. From their facial expressions to professional moves in bed, they are consistent and entertaining.

Model 5

Something special for everyone

Whether you are experienced or a virgin, the latest sex doll companion will blow you away! It costs a lot less than a few years ago and the price changes with the features you request. The look and feel of these robot companions for sex and entertaining conversations are the most life-like for the AI model. It’s not something that will become outdated soon because the manufacturer can update the software through the internet.

It isn’t easy to find a partner everywhere for someone who finds sex therapeutic or just likes the relaxation, or some other aspect intrigues them. That doesn’t mean you stop your urge to have an orgasm or stick to jerking off. The sex robot is designed for people of all kinds in at any stage of adulthood. You can customize your sex doll companion for everything, its body, and the embedded AI. Whether you like tall or short, the manufacturer has kept everything possible in mind before offering their highly customer-centric robots.

The takeaway

If you are at the early stages of experimentation with sex or someone who has seen everything, the robot sex companion will take you to a surreal paradise where you can be a king! Considering the superior food grade TPE used for its body and the metallic skeleton, there’s no need for a ‘human’ to have anal sex on-demand or blow jobs to start the day! There’s nothing in these sex robot companions that is not required, but you are paying for it! If you visit the manufacturer’s website or an online retailer, everything will quickly fall into place. With the number of options at different price points, it’s human to feel confused until you’ve experimented a little in practice and not just theoretically

6 thoughts on “Advanced Adult Toys for Mature Men – Sex Robot Companion

    • Smart Doll World says:

      Our Moving Doll is a female doll with a mechanical spine to create robotic movement.
      You can add our transgender penis attachment to create a shemale doll with moving capability.

  1. Anyone says:

    So u ou sa u you Can order the pens does that mean that you can r e move it to play with her vaguna if wanted and then put it back on and have her do you

  2. Pieter says:

    Would you offer Cash on Delivery payment option? And I am a 46 year old straight mature man pretty seasoned in sex, are there any female robots to impress me?

    • Smart Doll World says:

      Sorry, we not not have a cash on delivery payment option. All orders must be paid for in advance. Your order is protected by PayPal Buyer Protection which guarantees the item ordered will be the item you receive. There is no concern about receiving a blow-up doll or something like that. If you don’t get the product you ordered simply contact PayPal and they will immediately issue a refund to you. You are 100% protected and it is guaranteed your doll will be received or your money back. Please visit the product features page for our AI Sex Robot and also our Moving Doll. You can also view the demo videos.

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