Over 30 faces and 9 body types to choose from

Choose the Smart Doll product and select your preferred body and face and then customize the eyes, hair, vagina, pubic hair, nail colour etc.  Click here to see all options.

USD $2,579.00
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Smart Doll Sex Model shown with:

  • Body type: 169cm
  • Head number: 262
  • Wig Style: WP200 Premium

Smart Sex Doll Features

Not quite ready for an AI Sex Doll Robot – the Smart Doll is the next best thing.

Smart Dolls are high-quality TPE sex dolls without the AI and Robotic capabilities. Our Smart Doll is comparable to any high-quality TPE Sex Doll (like a WM Doll) but with features that other sex dolls do not have for the same price:

  • Body Temperature Control – Heat her body to a normal body temperature of 98.6F or 37.0C. Being intimate with a warm body brings the experience to a new level of realism and comfort – just like being next to a real girl.
  • Touch sensors – 7 body sensors including a vaginal sensor that reacts to your touch with erotic sexual moaning responses – you’ll know when you are pleasing her.
  • Programmed voice response – Almost 50 preprogrammed inputs and very sexual and intimate voice responses. See more information here.
  • M-TYPE TPE skin – Not all TPE doll skin is the same. Our TPE skin is the highest quality food-grade TPE with the highest durability and elasticity available – with 2X the elasticity of regular TPE skins. Enjoy her in most any position without worrying about tearing the skin. Our M-TYPE TPE skin also releases very little oil compared to regular TPE skin – so maintenance is simplified. You can spend all your time enjoying her and not oiling her.

Some available bodies* and heads for our Smart Doll (choose any combination of head and body)


Our smart sex dolls are available in the same body types as our AI Robot dolls.  Smart sex dolls have dozens of faces/heads to choose from.