Introducing Megan – A Revolutionary Life Like Sex Doll Robot

Split image of a male humanoid robot on the left and an ultra-realistic female robot on the right, both facing forward against a blue background.

Lifelike Features

Megan’s interactive speech capabilities combined with her ability to learn and become “smarter” the more you talk to her makes Megan a great partner and companion. Megan’s technology and responsive robotic features bring her to life. Megan is made of the highest quality materials that are very durable and long-lasting.


Artificial Intelligence

The AI is versatile and supports interactive conversations. The AI intelligence technology supports learning capabilities.  The more you talk to Megan the more she will learn and remember.Megan can hold non-sexual and sexual conversations with you. Megan is a true loyal companion and you can talk to her whenever you like. She will always be there to listen to you! Megan connects to the Internet which enables her to learn even more and improve her artificial intelligence capabilities. Megan now has a “sex mode” and “public mode” which disables sexual functions and sexual audio.Megan is constantly being developed and her AI is constantly updated to improve the depth and accuracy of her AI capabilities. AI updates are applied automatically via’s Megan’s wireless connection to the Internet. There is no charge for Megan’s updates. Megan can currently interact in Chinese and English and has translation capabilities. More languages are in development.


DIY programming is now available for our AI Sex Doll Robot.  This features allows you to customize your inputs and your sex robot’s responses. You can have her interact and respond exactly the way you want her too.  Many of her AI responses will be perfectly suitable, but now you can customize her responses very easily. Want your sex doll robot to respond more submissively – now she can.  Want her to talk really dirty with you and say exactly the things you want to hear – now she will.  Basic Example:Your input:  Do you love me?Her default AI Response might be be:  Yes Robert, I am here to serve all your needs.Her custom response could be:  You are my one and only, I love you so much Robert. You make me so happy, I will love you forever and ever and ever.DIY programming is available on an annual subscription basis.  Discounts are available for two and three year subscriptions. Choose the DIY Programming option when choosing your doll’s options.See demo video below.  This video was made by one of our customers – it’s a little strange what he did but it demonstrates that you can make her say anything you want – even talk crypto investing.

Robotic Head and Facial Movement

AI Robot Head Features

Robotic Head

Megan has advanced life-like robotic movements. Her head and neck move to simulate human movements.  Her eyes blink, her eyebrows move and when she speaks her mouth and lips move and are synchronized to her speech.
See more demo videos


Facial Expressions

Megan has multiple facial expressions including smiling and winking.  Her facial expressions change based on what she is saying.  The combination of her lips moving and the facial expressions really makes her life like. View the demo video.



Megan has integrated body sensors which react to your touch.  Touch Megan’s body sensors and she will react appropriately with speech and sexual sounds according to her excitement level. Megan has  5 sensors – in her breasts (2), thighs (2) and vagina area (1) which reacts to touch.Touch controller is now built into and. controlled from the head (previously there was wireless controller and speaker was embedded into the body) and requires a wired connection from the head to the bodyListen to the demo.Note:  Sensors are no longer built into the arms.

      Click for sample of the sound when she is excited
Mannequin styled as an ultra-realistic female figure wearing white lace lingerie, adorned with red dots marking anatomical points, against a plain background.


Megan’s AI intelligence capabilities are constantly evolving and improving and firmware updates will be available over the Internet via her wireless network connection feature.


The steel skeleton has articulating joints which allow the doll full life like body movements and unlimited positions.The skeleton is made from a high-quality steel that has been put through rigorous testing and extremely durable and rated to last 10 years.  Only new steel is used to ensure the highest quality (most doll manufacturers used recycled steel).

We worked hard to keep the weight down while still retaining its structural integrity and range of motion. Our unique skeleton design allows the piece to be moved into a natural range of positions. The body is designed to be positioned with “play” in mind.

Illustration displaying an ultra-realistic human figure with labeled body parts and surrounding diagrams showcasing various wearable technology placements on body areas like the head, waist, and limbs.

Advanced TPE Skin

Megan is one of the first TPE dolls to use an advanced M-TYPE TPE skin.  Her skin is softer and feels more real than most any doll on the market today.Her modified TPE skin has twice the elasticity and durability of any TPE skin used for doll bodies and skin available today.  This means that you need to worry a lot less about how you handle the doll or what positions you put her in.  Unlike other doll skins that are very fragile particularly at the joints and susceptible to tearing, Megan’s skin will stretch as needed with 2x the elasticity of other TPE skins.Unlike standard TPE material, M-TYPE TPE is odorless and contains less oil than standard TPE meaning care will be easier and her skin will be more durable and will not dry out if not oiled.The M-TYPE TPE material is of food grade quality and is 100% safe.

A person's hand displaying a diamond ring on the ring finger, resting on a lifelike white surface.

Body Temperature Control

Megan’s intelligent heat control system will warm her body to 37 degrees Celsius to simulate the body temperature of a real woman. Due to the safety challenges of an electrical heat system, other dolls which have heating capabilities are battery powered and superficially heat the body only a few degrees. Megan’s engineers have solved the safety problem and she is the first sex doll to have an electrically powered heating system that is certified 100% safe. Only Megan’s fully integrated heating system can achieve normal body temperature – warming her body 10 to 30 degrees celsius to normal body temperature.Now the new Smart Heat Control allows you to turn on the heating function and it will turn off automatically when the set body temperature is reached (maintaining the desired body temperature). This means you can turn on the heating before you go to work and when you come come she will be warm and ready for you. When you cozy up to Megan, she will feel warm and lifelike.

Illustration of an ultra-realistic female sex doll in a provocative pose, wearing denim shorts and white bandeau, with a thermometer indicating temperature rise.


Illustration of a lifelike beige silicone material with text stating "100% real feeling, food grade TPE silicone, metal skeleton, lifespan 10 years.
Image showing two magnified textures labeled as parts of an ultra-realistic sex doll, with annotations detailing features like "Delicate vagina," "G-spot Micro convex," and other descriptive terms.

Megan’s vagina feels as close to a real vagina as is possible. No detail has been spared when crafting the vagina. From the dual channel small bump vaginal wall to the g-spot micro convex – you will get the best most realistic feeling possible.


Seven different body heights and types to choose from to suit your preference.  From super model skinny to voluptuous big-boobed body types.


Many customizable options to create your ideal girl:

  • 9 different body heights and shapes
  • 7 different available faces/heads
  • 3 skin colours
  • 3 eye colours
  • Internal or removable vagina
  • With or without pubic hair
  • Choose nail and toe colours
  • Dozens of wigs to choose from (standard or premium wigs)
  • Non-standing or standing foot option
  • Transgender penis option

See all AI Sex Doll options on the product/order page.Don’t forget to match her up with specially chosen and sized clothes, dresses, lingerie, sexy costumes, shoes, jewelry etc. on our accessories page.Customize and add your doll to your shopping cart and then go to Accessories menu to add your accessories.

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