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Moving Sex Doll Robot
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Sophia is a sex doll robot, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. She is a mechanical robot with spinal movement which creates a life-like thrusting and head bobbing movement with adjustable speeds via the remote control. She’s got all the moves to make you cum and she will keep going for as long as you do!

Bobbing Head and Sucking Action

When you’re ready for a blowjob, Sophia’s pouty pink mouth is ready to serve. Part her lips to receive your cock and her head bobs realistically as her mouth slides up and down, up and down. Realistic textured TPE on the interior of Sophia’s mouth ensures a natural experience, and the sight of this sex doll’s head moving up and down provides a true-to-life fellatio experience every time. 3-speed remote control to adjust the bobbing speed.

Realistic Thrusting Movements

Sophia’s pink pussy is ready to receive your member between her open legs. Slip inside her vagina and she thrust her hips in a convincing fashion, moving up and down on your cock until you’re ready to cum inside her. Adjust her thrusting speed with the remote control to suit your tastes.

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Ready for Shipping
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This special deal includes:

  • Ships within 24hrs
  • Moving robot sex doll – 148cm / 4’10”
  • Elf head and wig included (can supply a different head of your choice for only $299). Facial marking can be easily removed.
    Upgrade options included with this doll:
    – Heated body ($200)
    – Gel-filled breasts ($100)
    – Advanced finger joints ($175)

    – Advanced skeleton with shrugged shoulders capability ($150)
    – Touch Activated Sensors ($175)
    – Enhanced mouth / tongue ($85)
    – Pubic hair ($75)

    – Standing foot option ($75)
    – Removable vagina / lubricant free insert ($95)
    Total Options Value Included:  $1,130.00