Lay-a-Way Plan

Investing in an AI Sex Doll Robot or Advanced Smart Sex Doll is not only a sound financial decision but beneficial to mental and sexual well being. We want to make Smart Doll World doll ownership a possibility for people of all budgets, so we’ve created a lay-a-way plan program to help you obtain your doll.  This is not a financing plan – your doll will not be shipped until you have fully paid for your purchase.

Benefits of The Lay-A-Way Plan:

  • Pay by credit card or Paypal over time (if your credit card limit is insufficient)
  • Helps you save for the purchase and locks in the price now which is helpful to capitalize on limited-time sales and promotion
  • No extra fees or interest charges – you pay only the stated product price
  • Make extra payments or pay as much as you want so you are able to get your doll sooner

Payment Plan Details:

  • Pay a 10% deposit now and make remaining lay-a-way payments over the next 3 months or over the next 6 months
  • Your credit card will not be billed automatically – you will receive an invoice when your payment becomes due.  All payments must be made within 10 days of the received invoice.  If you have to extend the payment window a little – we understand that and you make up up those payments if you like 
  • We begin building your customized doll as soon 85% or more of the total purchase price is paid. This way, when your final payment is made – there is no more waiting – we ship your doll immediately.
  • If your circumstances change AND we haven’t begun building your order yet, you can cancel your order and receive a refund for the full amount paid to date less a $200 USD cancellation/administration fee. Your refund less the cancellation fee will be made to your credit card or to your Paypal (depending on how you made your payments) within 10 days of canceling your order.
    Note:  If we have already begun building your order – you cannot cancel your order for any reason.

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • Your order will be held for 15 days after your final payment is due at which time there will be a 20% monthly late payment charge to your account balance. Your order will continue to be held until your account balance has been paid in full. Your order will be shipped immediately upon receiving the remaining account balance amount including any applicable late payment fee.  
  • If your account balance including late payment fees is not paid in full within 30 days after your final payment was due, your order will be canceled and you will be returned payments made to-date less a 50% custom order fee AND less any late payment charges.

Choose Lay-A-Way at Check Out:

On the Check-Out page choose the Lay-A-Way option and then select your preferred payment plan option. By selecting the Lay-a-Way option and proceeding with your initial payment/deposit you are agreeing to all the above Terms and Conditions.